Groovy Uncle-New Album In Progress

The new Groovy Uncle record we are working on is very much a ‘songwriting co-operative’ with contributions from Jon Barker, Darryl Ryan Hartley and Andy Morten. One of the tracks we have completed is ‘It Wasn’t Me, It Was Yesterday’ which introduces two new vocalists to the GU camp, Ani Graves and Rachel Lowrie. You can view the video for this track here. Suzi Chunk is also lined up for a couple of sessions. Listening to monitor mixes of some of the stuff we’ve recorded so far I have to say it definitely works for me! Onwards and upwards!

Get ‘Em Before They Go!!

Currently running low on vinyl copies of 3 albums available from this website. “Play Something We Know!” (State), “Girl From The Neck Down” (State) and “A Clip Round The Ear (Trouserphonic) are selling fast and re-pressings are unlikely in the near future. So go to the shop page and order your copies now!!

Tape Saturation and Valve Distortion

…Tape saturation and distortion abound on a collection that boasts outstanding homages to R&B classics, alongside four strong original compostitions. Jimmy Reed’s 1959 ‘Come Love’, Sonny Boy Williams II 1963 standard ‘Help Me’ and Price & Walsh’s sublime ‘Ain’t No Love in The Heart of The City’ are just three of the timeless numbers given the Blues Foundation treatment on this stunning release.
Greg Healey – Shindig Magazine #76

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