It’s All Happening!

Quite a lot has been happening lately on Planet Uncle as we head towards our 10th Birthday celebrations next year. Although there are no new releases scheduled for 2019, we do have plans for THREE vinyl album releases for 2020. Only a limited number of copies will be available and will include a few surprises! More details will follow towards the end of this year but, needless to say we have been (and continue to be) very busy working on various ideas for the celebrations as well as recording a brand new album featuring a lot of very talented folk.

I have just returned from the recording studio having recorded a couple of tracks with folk fusion outfit the Lost Revellers, who have added an amazing gypsy jazz feel to the new album. We really did have a most enjoyable session and I can’t wait for you all to hear them. I’ll keep you posted!


Groovy Uncle Shop is groovin’ and movin’

Good day groovsters, the shop has been temporarily disabled while we migrate it to the new domain name for Trouserphonic Records … Fear not, the Groovy Uncle site will remain for all matters Unc ‘n’ Chunk related but shop sales will be linked through to the label website

Thank you for being so patient and lovely while we slave away over a hot keyboard preparing all this loveliness for you

If in the meantime your appetite for premium audio entertainment is so insatiable that you cannot bear to wait any longer, you are welcome to pester Uncle on the faceybooks or twitters

Trouserphonic Website Coming Soon!

We are currently working on a brand new website for our label, Trouserphonic Records, where you will be able to buy all our releases and get all the latest news. Over the coming year, we have some new projects lined up for Groovy Uncle and friends which we have already begun working on. Exciting times!

Recordings with legs!