Completely Bananas …

Glenn Prangnell is responsible for some of the most satisfying 60s influenced pop records this decade. Starting his project way back in 2010 with the fantastic “Monkey Trousers,” he is proving once again to be completely unstoppable. The project has grown over the years to include Suzi Chunk and Miss Modus as regular vocalists and this release finds Glenn  now adding other songwriters to the mix.

It starts off in proper soul fashion with “20-20 Hindsight” with a fab vocal from Suzi Chunk. “Jennifer Knows” is a fantastic slice of merseybeat pop. “Lie To You” has the magic of a long-lost 60s girl track. “Reading Between The Lines’” is another top tune with another great Suzi vocal on the chorus. Glenn’s songwriting is always as varied as th Something Else by The Kinks LP.

Different textures and moods all through the LP.  This is his secret weapon that makes it work so well. I never say to myself, oh maybe it’ll be better live. These records are meant to be listening experiences unto themselves, lovingly engineered and arranged. Adding other songwriters to the mix doesn’t hurt this, it adds additional perspectives to what is becoming a collective of pop music at it’s best. Get it now!

Matt – Bananas Magazine

The British Library Sound Archive

I feel very honoured to have been approached this week by the Popular Music Curators at The British Library Sound Archive (formerly the National Sound Archive) with a view to adding the entire Groovy Uncle catalogue to their Sound & Moving Image Collection.

Obviously I agreed to donate the recordings and, with world class facilities at hand, they can provide the safest possible home for the releases, both for preservation and access, for many generations to come. The work will be catalogued, archived and preserved as part of the nation’s audio and cultural heritage.

Many thanks to James Tugwell and Andy Linehan for taking the time to listen to our music and contacting me.

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