Classic Sounds, March 2018 by Warren Finn

Long before the beat boom generation, there has been a steady flow of creativity seeping into our being. A quality of inventiveness, shaping and altering perspectives, sending feet a tapping, and fashioning our very existence!For the lucky few, riches and plaudits beckon. They lift us, take us with them on their journey, and give us an opportunity to share in a cacophony of platitudes!

For others, time mutates, fashion transforms, and they slip effortlessly from our consciousness. However there are some who traverse these changes, identify their niche and contribute to the world by developing their own expertise. The Medway Delta is one such area; where styles and people converge to create a unique forum. A place where both music and artistic intentions fuse with recognised traditions of jazz, garage, folk, rock and blues to create a variant of sounds. Sounds which are both familiar and fresh in their output. Spearheading this output are a number of local protagonists. People, who have quietly got on with the job of entertaining us with their ability to script a good tune and craft a smarter sound with their ambitious melodies!

Glenn Prangnell is one such artist. Having played a major role in numerous bands, he now finds himself in the envious position of conscripting an array of talent for his outpourings! Since Monkey Trousers (March 2010), and the follow up album in 2011, Play Something We Know, highlighted his knack for a good tune, this musician has built up a steady following and is now recognised as one of the top songwriters in the Medway area. An expertise which is now being recognised nationally and has afforded him an opportunity to collaborate on a number of differing styles, pen memorable tunes and create a launch pad for the talent of the Medway Towns.

For anyone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to check out the crafted melodies of his flagship recordings, you won’t be disappointed! Girl From The Neck Down (State Records LP), One Vowel Away From The Truth, Persuaded, Life’s A Gift, or A Clip Round The Ear – provide a rare insight into his capacity for listenable authenticity. For those with a love of instinctive musicality, astute lyrics and catchy hooks – you won’t fail to be moved!

Suzi Chunk, Miss Modus or the Groovy Uncles? Yes please, Sir!!

Warren Finn. 2018.