Something Old, Yellow and Blue

Not now but soon…

‘One Vowel Away From The Truth’ and ‘Life’s A Gift’ will be available for the very first time on vinyl (translucent baby blue and yellow vinyl, respectively) on Trouserphonic Records.

A very limited edition run to celebrate 10 years of Groovy Uncle will be up for grabs early next year. 2020 hindsight is a wonderful thing, YEAH!! I’ll keep you posted!

2020 Coloured Vinyl Releases!

Next year, two Groovy Uncle albums will see the light of day on VINYL for the very first time! “One Vowel Away From The Truth” and “Life’s A Gift” will be pressed in translucent BABY BLUE and YELLOW vinyl, respectively. A limited run of 120 copies of each record (including download code) will be released on the same day along with some ‘extras’ such as hand numbered lyric sheets – with brand new cartoon designs by Darryl Ryan Hartley – some lovely,arty posters and postcards by Jonathan Ash and more! We are still working on it all so I’ll keep you posted.
It’s a wonderful thing, yeah!