A New Vinyl Record From Suzi Chunk – Order Your Copy Now!!

The brand new single from Suzi Chunk is out from September 1st 2016 on ORANGE VINYL!! (Includes download code).

In addition, the first 100 numbered copies will include a signed postcard (photo by Paddy Faulkner)  and specially designed, hand screen printed insert (by Ian Shelley@StumpyPosters). In addition to that, the first 25 copies sold will come with an orange Suzi Chunk badge!


Recorded at Jim Riley’s Ranscombe Studios in Kent, ‘Got Up And Gone’ b/w ‘Find The Morning’ is Suzi’s third single release in collaboration with Groovy Uncle songwriter Glenn Prangnell. The A-side is a groovy, funky upbeat number packed with get-up-and-go while the B-side is the contemplative, reflective morning after.

 You can watch Suzi recording the tracks here.

You can purchase your vinyl copy of ‘Got Up And Gone’/’Find The Morning’ directly from Groovy Uncle here. For multiple copies please contact me at groovyuncle@tiscali.co.uk and I’ll work out the best postal prices. Please be sure to select the correct Paypal button for your location.

Get up and grab your copy before it’s got up and gone!!


A Thank You

After all the tremendous response to the album “Girl From The Neck Down” I thought it about time I composed an open letter to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 12 months and beyond and to all involved in the project. Everyone involved was totally committed to the project from start to finish and there is no way I could have done it without you. My apologies in advance for any glaring ommissions. So, in no particular order….

Suzi Chunk, Bruce Brand, Marty Ratcliffe, Mole Lambert, Nick Rice, Allan Crockford, Ben Jones, Jon Barker, Phil Brown, Peter White, John Littlefair, Paul Moss, Ian Snowball, Jon Abnett, Peter Salmon, Paddy Faulkner, Lois Tozer, Jane Prangnell, Arthole Retrographics, Graham Seamark, Graham Sage, Mike Murray, Bill Kelly, Mark Radcliffe, Stuart Maconie, Lizzie Hoskin, SiriusXM, Stevie Van Zandt, Andrew Loog Oldham, Drew Carey, Kid Leo, Mighty Manfred, Genya Ravan, Jenna Antonacci, “Shindig!” magazine, Medway Eyes, Fizzer’s Radio Show, WOW Medway, Medway Broadside, Jennie and Colin Baillie, David Bash, Phil Moore, “Record Collector” magazine, Terry Lane @ Buzzin’ Media, Hard Rock Memorabilia, Rosemary Edwards, Jason Charles Rogers, Phil Dillon, James Crowther, Kev Wright @ The Sound Of Confusion, Andy Morten, State Records.

To everyone who has bought, downloaded, voted, championed and generally said nice things WE THANK YOU! Have a wonderful, happy, positive 2013. We intend to bring you much more in the coming year!