One Vowel Away From the Truth, Glenn Prangnell (Groovy Uncle, Suzi Chunk), Roan Kearsey-Lawson Vibes

Published on 2 Oct 2013

Roan Kearsey-Lawson playing vibes on Glenn Prangnell’s album One Vowel Away from the Truth. After the success of ‘Girl From the Neck Down’ (‘Look Back and Laugh’ video) the Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk have teamed up again for this 2013 album. This video features the track ‘Consider It Done’. The Groovy Uncle Glenn Prangnell, asked Roan Kearsey-Lawson to create a vibes part for ‘Consider It Done’, he is seen here laying down the track in one take. In fact it took longer to get the vibes in and out of the studio! Nice! Great!

Taken from the State Records album “Girl From The Neck Down” (THSLP-003) this Glenn Prangnell composition is the final track on the LP. The record is available on vinyl and CD from the Groovy Uncle Website @ and downloadable from Amazon, iTunes etc.

Suzi Chunk – Look Back And Laugh

Suzi Chunk- “Look Back And Laugh”The debut single from Suzi Chunk (with Groovy Uncle) is this Glenn Prangnell penned Kravin’ A’s classic. It is available on red vinyl from April 30th 2012 on State Records with “Tripwire” as the flip side. Also available as a download from Amazon. An album of Prangnell compositions sung by Suzi Chunk-“Girl From The Neck Down”- is to be released later in the year.

The debut single from Suzi Chunk (with Groovy Uncle) is this Glenn Prangnell penned Kravin’ A’s classic. It is available on red vinyl from April 30th 2012 on State Records with “Tripwire” as the flip side. Also available as a download from Amazon. An album of Prangnell compositions sung by Suzi Chunk-“Girl From The Neck Down”- is to be released later in the year.

Suzi Chunk – Tripwire

A clip of Suzi Chunk recording the B-side of her debut single “Look Back And Laugh”/”Tripwire”. Out on Red vinyl on State Records April 30th 2012

Groovy Uncle – Old Peculiar

Filmed in Spain over the first weekend of December 2011 this is a montage of Groovy Uncle footage filmed during The Purple Weekend Festival in Leon and introduces new band member Suzi Chunk. The track is taken from their debut album “Play Something We Know!”. Watch out for a brief appearance by Bruce Brand of The Masonics

Medway Happenings 2011 – Groovy Uncle

Groovy Uncle’s opening song at the Medway Happenings/Medway Eyes Oxjam gig at The Command House, Chatham- Sunday 28th August 2011. Thanks. Hope you are doing well and having a nice weekend. Glenn.

Groovy Uncle – It’s a Shame


Groovy Uncle- “It’s A Shame”

From the vinyl album “Play Something We Know!” (State Records THSLP-001) released March 2011. Also downloadable from iTunes.

Paul Messis- “The Problem With Me”

From the 2011 album “The Problem With Me”

More @ and

Groovy Uncle – “Can’t Get Arrested”

From the album “Play Something We Know!” (State Records THSLP-001), this is the mono mix of “Can’t Get Arrested” (the album version is in stereo). Here we see Glenn Prangnell, Ben Jones and Ian Snowball “busking” on location in Rochester, Kent. Thanks to Phil, Josie and Syd for taking part. The vinyl album is available to buy from this website from March 14th 2011 and will be available on itunes and Amazon from April 1st .

The Singing Loins-“Where’s My Machine Gun?”

Released in January 2011, this is a track from The Loins’ album “Stuff”. We shot this at Ranscombe studios, Rochester on Monday 20th December 2010. Despite the heavy snowfall 3 of the band made it along for a boozy session (bass player John got stranded in Calais). It was a fun night and we got a good little punk rock style promo out of it.

Groovy Uncle – “Count On Me”

Filmed at The Medway Little Theatre with kind permission, “Count On Me” is a track from the forthcoming Groovy Uncle album “Play Something We Know!”-out early 2011. The version you have here is the mono mix of the song but the album will be in stereo. The line-up is Glenn Prangnell, Ben Jones, Paul Moss and Mole.

“Northern Soul, Nightshift and Frank”

“Northern Soul, Nightshift and Frank” is a short promo video to celebrate Northern Soul and Pete Mckenna’s works which include the new edition of “Nightshift”, “Who The Hell’s Frank Wilson?” book and theatre production and the book the “Mis-spent Memoirs of Northern Soul” all coming in 2011.

Ben Jones – “Big Black Cloud”

The Lovedays front man Ben Jones with a track from his solo album “Echobox”.

Groovy Uncle – “Heathen Child”

Filmed in the Lake District in September 2010, Groovy Uncle does his bit for the Lakeland Tourist Board in this video for “Heathen Child”. An unreleased acoustic ballad which sits nicely alongside some beautiful images of Derwentwater , Easedale Tarn, Borrowdale and Buttermere. Yes, that IS a Mongolian yurt at the beginning of the film.

Paul Messis – “Time Will Tell”

Shot on location around the Medway Towns in Kent, this is the first promo for Sussex Garage legend Paul Messis. I tried to get a black and white swinging sixties feel to the edit and this was contributed to enormously by the “look” of the cast. Samira Larouci and Katie Herbert are delightful in this and Paul, as always, is Mister Cool. I really enjoyed making this one.

Nobody Knows That We’re Here- The State Records Story

Marty Ratcliffe – “Or Forever (Live Without)”

Marty Ratcliffe, member of Garage rock outfit The Higher State, performs his debut solo single for Get Hip records. “Of Forever (Live Without)” is released late summer 2010.
The video was filmed at State Records Studio in Sandgate, Kent.

Waiting-The Art Of Wolf Howard

My old friend and former band mate Wolf Howard recently held an exhibition of his paintings and pinhole photography at The Brook Theatre, Chatham. I suggested to him that we put together a brief film as a bit of promotion with some background information, interviews etc.
I’m pleased with this nice little film and there may well be a longer version to come.

The Lovedays- Documentary Trailer

The Lovedays- “Red Letter Day”

The Lovedays perform “Red Letter Day”, a track from their “House Of Cards” album. This clip was filmed at Rochester Castle Gardens on April 30th 2010 as part of the annual Rochester Sweeps Festival. I hadn’t intended to film the gig at all. I was there to enjoy the show and get some interview footage for the forthcoming Lovedays documentary which will culminate in their performances at Liverpool’s Cavern Club at the end of May but as I had the camera with me and had a good front row seat I decided to shoot a few songs. I’m glad I did as it turned out to be a fine performance. The band are currently involved in the online Storm The Charts campaign so please support them and between Sunday 27th June and Saturday 3rd July please buy the “House Of Cards” single on iTunes.

More details from the Storm The Charts Facebook page.

Groovy Uncle – “Monkey Trousers”

The Dentists – “Creature Out Of Control”

This track was recorded as a demo by The Dentists in 1992 but never released until 2010 as the opening track on their long awaited rarities compilation ‘If All The Flies Were one Fly’ released to coincide with their reunion shows in London and Gillingham in March.

The Lovedays – “House Of Cards”

I’m particularly pleased with this video. Filmed on location around Medway, it also includes some interior shots on stage at The Barge pub in Gillingham. I wanted to get a dark, slightly menacing look to those scenes and I’m pleased with the shadowy results. We shot those scenes pre gig on the evening of the album launch 20th Feb 2010. It was a really great night with a fantastic performance from the band and a packed house. I was pleased to be there and to have been asked to produce this promo for their single.

I Just Want Christmas

Filmed on Friday December 18th 2009 on location around the Medway Towns, this was a bit of a “last minute” video. I’d been thinking about putting together a promo for one of my Christmas songs but didn’t think I’d get time (or inspiration) this year. And then the snow fell. That was a gift too good to refuse so off I went early in the day while the snow was still fresh and the air full of the Christmas spirit to get some footage together. I n the afternoon I put on the Santa gear and filmed those shots in my grotto. The song itself is a little cynical I suppose, though not at all anti Christmas. It’s about claiming it back from the clutches of consumerism and excess-“I don’t want your gifts or your endless lists-I want Christmas” and”Hark the Herald Angels sing glory to the bargain bin!” are a couple of lines that set the tone. Merry Christmas!!!

Billy Wears Dresses- “Wonder Boy”

Filmed on and around Penenden Heath in October 2009 this is a promo for Maidstone band Billy Wears Dresses single “Wonder Boy” taken from the album “Space Hopper Summer”.

We had a great morning out-fun for all the family!

Groovy Uncle- “Danger Zone”

Filmed entirely on location on the Scilly Isles (apart from the sunrise which is St. Michael’s Mount in Penzance) this is Groovy Uncle’s “what we did on our holidays” feature. September 2009-the weather was extremely kind!

The Singing Loins- “On A Hot August Night…”

This 10 minute film was shot at The Barge in Gillingham on August 7th 2009 in front of an enthusiastic crowd. I actually filmed the entire gig but the band wanted a short promo to coincide with the release of the new album “Unravelling England” so I edited together a montage of highlights. The only song featured in it’s entirety is the wonderful ballad “Old Ferry Lane”. The “Please Take My Scissors Away” promo was shown on the big screen in the interval and a splendid time was had by all! Some fruity language and bawdy humour lies within so tread carefully if you are of a sensitive disposition!

I Can’t Stand Mirrors (And I’m Scared Of Heights)

Because I’d recorded the song in mock Elvis style, I needed to have a think about exactly what kind of film I wanted to accompany it. I knew I didn’t want to throw on a jump suit and go down the “comedy Elvis impersonator” route. That’s been done to death, is far too obvious / lazy and, frankly, I’d look crap in a jumpsuit! I fancied a crack at a bit of animation and looked back to my childhood-those halcyon days of Paddington Bear, Trumpton, Vision On etc. “Plasticine models it is then!” I thought. Groovy Auntie put together a backdrop and set and together we made the models- Mini Me, Elvis and the Giant Mouse. Of course it was all filmed and edited frame by frame and took a couple of weeks to complete from beginning to end. And I even put a Brian Cant-style voice over in there too!

It’s Not Like Me

We filmed this one in late February 2009 in the back garden. Groovy Auntie did the camera work during what proved to be an overcast and cold weekend. I just wanted a straightforward, head and shoulders shot of me singing to camera with cutaways of me playing various instruments-including the squash racquet! Then there is the visual gag of my “guitar shed” to tie in with the garden theme. And I look like a rock’n’roll gnome!

Joni’s Birthday

They say “Never work with animals or children”. Well, I don’t know about animals but my two cheeky chums and stars of this video were delightful as always. Well, o.k, so Joni had a bit of a sulk at one point but that just added to the appeal of the film really. Syd behaved like the perfect gentleman he so obviously is and a grand morning out was had by all! Joni even insisted on demonstrating her dancing skills with an impromptu performance for the camera. Point and shoot-job done.

Life’s A Gift (Feel it)

A psychedelic stroll through the park with Uncle, this was filmed with Groovy Auntie behind the camera (for most of the shoot) on several different locations. For trivia fans and film location spotters the locations were (in Kent): Luddesdown, Sole Street Station, Camer Park, Faversham, Gillingham, Seasalter, Whitstable, My Back Garden. I particularly like the shot of the horse which came about purely by chance. I was filming some hand held shots at ground level when I heard Groovy Auntie shout “Watch out! Behind you!” I stood up, turned around and saw this horse galloping towards me. I kept the camera running and got a really nice shot as the horse slowed down. Could’ve been trampled to death but, c’est la vie!

Got Any Mantras?

This was the first promo I made. It is simply made up of about 500 separate snapshots of me strung together to give a kind of flick book animation effect. Fast and furious like the song I suppose.

The Singing Loins-“Please Take My Scissors Away”

My first “commission” video. I’m a long time fan of local Medway folk band The Singing Loins and after filming a few of my own videos, decided I’d like to film a band I liked and admired. I contacted the Loins to see if they’d be interested and, to my surprise they said yes. Front man Chris Broderick directed and I filmed and edited. Costumes, a set and lighting were arranged and we filmed over a hot weekend in July. I like this video because the song is quite theatrical and the black and white look (with “aged” film in places) lends itself well to the Victorian melodrama feel. I enjoyed the experience immensely and hope to work with The Singing Loins again.