Letters and Excuses

It’s been a while since I the last update so I thought I’d better keep you informed of what’s been happening recently. ‘New York Letters’ received a very positive response after the showcase in Philadelphia towards the end of last year. Following on from that, Mare Rozzelle (my NYL collaborator and writer of the play) submitted the show to the Pipeline Arts Foundation Awards for 2024, the prize being a substantial amount of grant money. We were competing against 249 other stage musicals and, to our delight we received news in February that were among the 25 semi-finalists. Then in April we received more great news that we had actually made it to the final 10! We were more than delighted but soon after that turned to disappointment when we were told that, unfortunately we weren’t among the winners. However, to have got so far in the competition was absolutely amazing and the experience has bolstered our confidence and validated all our (particularly Mare’s) hard work. The work continues and we hope one day to get ‘New York Letters’ on to the stage.

In other news… the next Groovy Uncle album is finished, mixed and mastered. I’m awaiting completion of the artwork by my good friend Darryl Hartley and looking forward to receiving the vinyl test pressings. I’m very pleased to say the album features Jane Wrangham once again and GU newcomer, singer-songwriter Jules Winchester. Jules and I co-wrote the song ‘Moonlight’, a duet which will not only feature on this album but also on hers. ‘Making Excuses’, the 13th album from Groovy Uncle, will be released later this year on VINYL, DOWNLOAD and CD

In the meantime and to keep myself occupied as I wait for the albums to arrive from the pressing plant, will be working on some new recordings from both Jane and Jules to set aside for their future projects. Lots to be getting on with and much to look forward to. I shall, as always, keep you posted!