New Music for 2021

As we accelerate towards the end of what has been a difficult and turbulent year for us all, I thought I’d take the opportunity of wishing everyone a very Merry Xmas and a Happy, healthy and better New Year and to thank everyone who has continued to support us by buying our records, giving us airtime on their radio stations and generally saying nice, positive things. I hope life returns to some kind of ’normal’ in 2021.

Here at GUHQ, I have taken advantage of the time to begin work on what I hope will be our 9th album. Due to obvious restrictions, the band are unable to get together in the studio as we’d like to so I’ve been working on backing tracks on my own and get other musicians to overdub remotely. I’ve already recruited some old friends including trumpeter Tom Morley, violinist Richard Moore and guitarists Pete Mathison and David Read and things are working out very well so far.

I’m not sure yet what the format of the new release will be-the original idea was for a download only album- as money is tight at the moment and I don’t think a vinyl release will be possible. But that is all to be considered in more detail in the coming months. Right now I will be concentrating on knocking the songs into shape and navigating my way around the many technical challenges! These recordings will differ to previous ones insofar as they are very much home produced but the style is still very much Groovy Uncle. I look forward to getting them out there!

                                    Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!