Lost In A Moment – ‘Persuaded’ by Groovy Uncle

In January 2014 Groovy Uncle began work on their 4th album, “Persuaded”. Apart from two songs-“Wet Weekend” and “You Look Good To Me”– all were recorded at Ranscombe Studios, produced by Jim Riley and engineered by Brendan Esmonde. The album features Suzi Chunk and Miss Modus and was released on 6th October 2014 on Groovy Uncle’s own label Trouserphonic (ZIP2-UP). It is available on vinyl, cd and as a download. All songs written by Glenn Prangnell. The intent was to put together an album with a “cinematic” feel. It was great fun to make and it is an album of which I am very proud. I hope you like it too.


1-Persuaded (Instrumental)

Written in 2007, this John Barry inspired piece was already ear marked for the instrumental talents of my good friend and garage legend Bruce Brand. He mainly works as a drummer these days-in fact he thumps the tubs on this track -but I knew he was the man for the guitar work here and he totally “gets it”. A tribute, nod, homage, pastiche (take yer pick) to those tv detective shows of the 1960’s and ’70’s, this tune kicks off the album with the bass playing of Nick Rice setting the mood perfectly. Conjuring up images of shadowy backstreets and uneasy liaisons, the brass section-provided by John Littlefair and Paul Jordanous– adds to the dynamic and creeping sense of menace.

2-Barefoot In The Car Park

The irresistable vocals of Suzi Chunk giving it her all on the tune Stevie Van Zandt named his Song Of The Summer 2014. Catchy, singalong melody and lyrics plus surf guitar and drums courtesy of Mr Brand. Throw in a swinging horn section and a driving bass line and you have a completely unsitdownable single! State Records put it out as a limited edition acetate style vinyl 45 last summer and it has proved to be one the most popular Unc’n’Chunk collaborations so far. “Shindig!” magazine awarded it Single Of The Year 2014.

3-Should Have Been Mine

Producer Jim Riley features on this laid back summer ballad playing a marvellously melodic harmonica part. Glenn takes the lead vocal and guitar work and this time Mole Lambert is behind the drum kit. Miss Modus and Suzi provide backing vocals. This track was inspired by Georgie Fame‘s version of the Billy Stewart song “Sitting In The Park”. I really enjoyed laying down the vocals for this one and love the end result.

4-Your Weight In Gold

Making her lead vocal debut for Groovy Uncle, Miss Modus delivers a stunning vocal performance of this “Bond theme” inspired nugget and there’s no mistaking where we’re at. Reverb heavy, Vic Flick style guitar, the mariachi trumpet of Paul Jordanous and even a tasteful mandolin part from former Singing Loin Rob Shepherd, all contributing to the “cinematic” quality. “You only live once but they told me twice”. Nuff said.

5-No Idea

For a long time I had wanted to use a string quartet and having got to know and work with jazz maestro Roan Kearsey-Lawson over the the past couple of years, I asked him if he would write a score for this track. He was more than happy to do so and knew the right musicians to assemble a quartet, two of whom have played with the Royal Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestra. I knew this was going to be an enjoyable experience and I wasn’t disappointed. Tastefully scored and beautifully played.

6- I Won’t Be Fooled By You

I wanted to write a tune specifically for Miss Modus with a Sandie Shaw feel to it. Something upbeat in the vein of “It’s Not Unusual” would be good (the Tom Jones hit was originally written with Shaw in mind) so I used that as my starting point when I sat down to write something. Punctuated once again by the trumpet playing skills of Mr Jordanous, it is a real high point of the album and a favourite of mine.

7-High Time

This one dates back to the late 1980’s when I was in a band called The Kravin’ A’s. It originally surfaced on the band’s one and only album “Krave On!” (released on Billy Childish‘s Hangman label, 1991) with Jon Barker on lead vocals and in 1994 the song was covered by Holly Golightly on her “Jiggy Jiggy” e.p. I fancied another crack at it because I thought it would suit Suzi’s vocal style and sit nicely on the album. She really belts it out brilliantly and it is up there with the best of her Unc’n’Chunk performances. Jim Riley plays the wailing harmonica.

8-Wet Weekend

At the tail end of the “Play Something We Know!” sessions in 2011 we recorded a couple of extra tunes-“Wet Weekend” and “You Look Good To Me”- which didn’t make it on to that record and remained in the vaults until we started work on the “Persuaded” album. Both were recorded at State Records and produced by Mole Lambert. “Wet Weekend” also became the B-side of the “Barefoot In The Car Park” single. It’s a big sounding track that was actually recorded on cassette tape (yes, honestly!). I’m particularly proud of my melodica solo on this which adds to the misty eyed melancholia. Mole plays incredible drums and bass. Ben Jones is on lead guitar.

9-Pocket Of Concern

A straight ahead, melodic, in-yer-face power pop song. Guitars through a Leslie, what’s not to like!?

10-What’s Going On

A cool little duet featuring me and Miss Modus.

11-You Look Good To Me

The second “leftover” from the PSWK sessions is a nice, compact slice of sunshine pop. Ben Jones on keys, Mole on bass, drums and vocal harmonies with me.

12-Persuaded (Vocal)

Closing the album, Miss Modus nails the vocal version of the title track with a big finish.