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New Sounds and Where We’re At

Following the release of the “Life’s A Gift” album in 2015 I wanted to plough on with the next record. I had a bunch of songs that were inspired by and loosely based upon my childhood memories, both vague and lucid. Stories my parents told me, things I remembered, family anecdotes and the music I grew up listening to. I took all these things, embroidered, fleshed them out and used this as the basis for the next Unc’n’Chunk album. So once again we headed for Ranscombe Studios and got to work. As soon as I’d recorded the demos of two Suzi Chunk tracks, ‘Got Up And Gone’ and ‘Find The Morning’, I knew this would make a great (4th) single so we decided to release the first 45 on our own Trouserphonic label and on red vinyl too! The A side features the mighty Groovy Uncle horn section of Paul and Anna Jordanous and John Littlefair while over on the flip side Anna plays the mellow flute arrangement beautifully. We released the single on the 1st September 2016 and you can buy a copy here.

We are now about half way through recording our 6th album (count them!) and ideally I’d like to release it some time next year. However, financial setbacks are such that we may be looking at a later rather than sooner release date and I’m uncertain as to what format we’ll be looking at, though there is a strong possibility it’ll be put out as a download only album. That said, anything could happen in the coming months as all the songs are ready to go and I’m very much looking forward to getting back in the studio at some point. Thanks for your support. See you on the flip side!

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A New Vinyl Record From Suzi Chunk – Order Your Copy Now!!

The brand new single from Suzi Chunk is out from September 1st 2016 on ORANGE VINYL!! (Includes download code).

In addition, the first 100 numbered copies will include a signed postcard (photo by Paddy Faulkner)  and specially designed, hand screen printed insert (by Ian Shelley@StumpyPosters). In addition to that, the first 25 copies sold will come with an orange Suzi Chunk badge!


Recorded at Jim Riley’s Ranscombe Studios in Kent, ‘Got Up And Gone’ b/w ‘Find The Morning’ is Suzi’s third single release in collaboration with Groovy Uncle songwriter Glenn Prangnell. The A-side is a groovy, funky upbeat number packed with get-up-and-go while the B-side is the contemplative, reflective morning after.

 You can watch Suzi recording the tracks here.

You can purchase your vinyl copy of ‘Got Up And Gone’/’Find The Morning’ directly from Groovy Uncle here. For multiple copies please contact me at and I’ll work out the best postal prices. Please be sure to select the correct Paypal button for your location.

Get up and grab your copy before it’s got up and gone!!


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News June 2016

Just got back from recording and mixing the forthcoming Suzi Chunk single “Got Up And Gone”/”Find The Morning” which we’ll be releasing on our own label, Trouserphonic Records, later in the year. It’ll be a limited release on ORANGE VINYL and the first 100 copies will come with a specially designed insert and signed postcard. All copies will contain a digital download code.

We used our studio time wisely and managed to record 5 other tracks for the next album which will be released some time next year.